design project

Soft Versailles

Textile comfort in your
own Versailles
Casamance, Wild Silk collection
cushions, Morris carpet
The main idea
The main goal of the project was to create an snug interior of such cosniess, that just by looking at it, one could feel softness and peace. Our task was to choose a decor that would be discreet and not too bright, but still interesting that avoids returning to "dull, grey and lifeless" space.

The inspiration for our designers was the concept of "a native home", a place that will not be painted with different colours, but as if welcomed with a hug. For this, beige and cream colours are actively used. Above the bed is a composition with shades of the sky, which creates a free airy atmosphere. A special design element in the bedroom is a woollen carpet with an ornament by William Morris.
You feel quite a different mood in the living room. More white colour, marble elements, ornament with monograms - all this gives the room an atmosphere of refinement, cleanliness and friendliness.

Sitting down, enjoying a cup of hot drink with your beloved or maybe inviting friends to spend time together. Light colours and natural textures invite you to stay here a little longer.
Functionality and ease of use
The bedroom is primarily the space where they spend the whole night. Therefore, the curtains are made of a light, delicate fabric that allows light to pass through and does not burden the space. Fabric for bedspreads and pillows made of natural material, soft and pleasant to the touch. A woollen carpet will keep warm even in winter for comfortable movement.

The decor of the sofa was served by pillows from the Italian collection "Wild Silk", which visually complements the concept of natural materials and the elegance of the room.