design project


Textiles in
a modern interior
The project was carried out together with interior designer Oksana Romaniuk
Jules Pansu tapestry, France
Colours are everywhere in our life filling us with emotions. Colours are one of the languages of art.

The Ochros project is a space where, together with designer Oksana Romaniuk, we skilfully used textile design to create an uplifting mood to brighten family life. This transformed the appartments living space from its previous tired decorative condition.

Brightness and vividness were achieved due to harmonious and restrained combination of colours and tapestries - real art objects. Unique and extraordinary ocher with universal grey, were perfectly woven into the interior ensemble.
The main characters of this interior are tapestries on the walls of the famous French manufacturer Jules Pansu, namely: Le Rêve, Mujer, pájaro, estrella, Jardin des Delices.

All the tapestries are created on ancient machines of the 19th century. Traditional techniques using different types of weaving, such as Aluinske, Loiselske and Meurinske, have been preserved until now. This are truly unique pieces.

The Jules Pansu is the only one that has the exclusive copyright to produce tapestries using the designs of Pablo Picasso himself, Miró, René Magrid and many more meters thanks to their authentic technique and craftsmanship.