Design project

Magic Box

Bedroom textile
The project was carried out together with interior designer Iryna Vaulina
Toile de Jouy textile
The property is located in the residential complex "French Quarter" in Kyiv, and the windows offer a view of a mini model of the Eiffel Tower. The spirit of France was already embedded in the project when buying an apartment, so it was decided to continue this stylistic decision and create a mood of romance with elements of neoclassicism.

For the bedroom, we chose French cotton fabrics with one-colour (monochrome) printed patterns, while the first fabrics from the town of Joui were just that in colours - white-red or white-blue. The manufacturers were the first to fix these two colours on the fabric so that the pattern does not wash off when washed.

The structural elements, unfortunately, no longer stand - but during its existence it managed to acquire the status of "Manufacture Royale", which testified that the production reached the highest level of craftsmanship, worthy of the king himself.
We created a "Magic Box" for the precious time of the hostess of the space. A metaphor for the time spent alone as a jewel - something special and very intimate, the magic of the morning and the magic of the evening.

A valuable resource that provides inspiration and fullfilment to start the next day. A combination of the textures of cotton curtains and a velvet bedspread with a viscose carpet as a gradient from light to darker and as a final chord - a blue carpet with a vintage pattern.
Functionality and ease of use
Cotton curtains are made on blackout linings for improved functionality. Since we had to sharpen the fabric under the braid, we decorated the seam with Houles cord which was also used in the decorative pillows.