design project


interior textiles
Zimmer velvet for curtains,
Jules Pansu cushions, Angelo rug, Mooi panel, Rochebobois sofa
The main idea
Creating the interior you are eager to return - even from across the ocean - was one of the tasks we set ourselves starting this project. The customers live in Miami, although they are happy to visit Ukraine a couple of times a year. So we aimed to decorate in the way the owners would like to return to their native space with a great pleasure.

For this, it was necessary to bring inspiration and an idea that would remind us of what is really important, as we often focus on prosaic things.

Turning to higher matters, reflecting about transcendental reality, this was the conclusion we arrived at.
We used the plot of the painting "Son of Man" - pillows of the French manufacturer Jules Pansu, created in collaboration with the René Magritte Foundation. It turned out to show that often, we are busy with the desire to own something material and do not observe the world and the opportunities around us. This is indicated by the endless sky and the sea behind the man.

We call on to look at the world and the opportunities, especially how much loved ones are dear to us, not to wait for something to happen, but to understand our true feelings and deeply appreciate them.
Two glasses of good champagne, candles and the evening spending together - seeing, hearing, feeling and understanding your beloved. This feeling remained with us after communicating with the owners of the apartment who are strongly in tune with the world, each other and their family through the appreciation of what they see and hear.

We wanted to emphasize what we saw in the relationship of this family, as well as leave a reminder that sometimes we ourselves build obstacles due to our limited desires, and in fact, there is nothing impossible in this world.
Functionality and ease of use
Velvet curtains are made with lining. Asymmetrical windows were aligned by using plain velvet, and removing the accent from the windows by shifting it to the decorative pillows on the sofa.