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We specialise in the design, manufacture and supply of bespoke Fabrics, Curtains, Carpets & Rugs
We are glad to see you at the place for beauty aesthetes and home gourmands. Our DNA is activated by sophisticated tastes resulting from the modern combination of complicated colours, textures and ornaments. Let us help add value to your appreciation of the joy that quality textiles bring your home.

Our textile catalog is an oceanic selection of exquisite products from the most reputable textile manufacturers in the world. Our textile designer will help guide you to discover your homes desired combination utilising proven pedigree of professional experience.

We are able to satisfy the most incredible aesthetic wishes ranging from individual design of soft furnishings to the acquisition of a unique art object that will define your interior.
With love -
to textiles
and to you
the founder of the Galleria Viardi,
co-organiser of the Lecture "History of Beauty and
elegance in fashion and design"
You will always find the latest collections of the textile Universe at us. We diligently follow the main events in the world's fashion centres and ensure we are present when the interiors of world-famous decorators are publicly revealed.

Our portfolio includes historic brands - reputable manufacturers which started creating their collections with a philosophy and concept, use super-essential or ancient technologies that are well versed in classical design precepts.

At Galeri Viardi, your interior is a unique story. We will help you to complement your interior with curtains, carpets, tapestries, decorative pillows and beautiful bed linen.
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